This is the Beta version of this document. Please e-mail me with contributions, and critisisem, which will be credited. Copyright 1997-1998 by Jay Kusnetz.

Imagine a bank of elevators, each one run by a different computer system:

A toggle switch allows you to open the door. A rope hangs from the ceiling, marked off in dot-dash patterns every 12 feet. Pulling the rope allows you to go up 4 stories, when you miss a tug, and crash.

you enter and push a button for the 8th floor, but it can't get past floor 6.40

Mac 7.X
there is a single button for the floors. you push it, and it takes you to the floor it thinks is good for you.

Mac Copeland
You stand outside the elevator door, drinking pepsi, waiting for it to arrive, while reading the sign about how wonderful it is. You get tiered of waiting, so you take the NeXT one.

Windows 95
As you enter, a voice chimes out "where do you want to go today?" so you push the button for the 32nd floor, but it takes you to the 16th floor, twice.

Instead of a Button panel, there is a large paper bag full of parts and tools, with instructions in Finnish.

Everything appears to be in order, but the button panel is ajar, and none of the floors will light up. A highly paid consultant is able to borrow a widget from Linnux's large paper bag full of parts to make them display.